Work Experience Program (WEP)

W.E.P. is a partnership designed to help participants learn employers expectations in actual work settings, to obtain job skills and establish the type of work ethic that employers are looking for in employees. In exchange for training and evaluating work activity participants on their performance, employers receive skilled and unskilled (trainable) unsalaried labor.

In July of 2009, OIC of Clark County has contracted with the Clark County Department of Job and Family Services to administer and monitor the Work Experience Program (W.E.P.). W.E.P. is designed to provide work experience to adult Ohio Works First participants by placing them at non-profit and other work sites.

How Does W.E.P Work?

The Process

Participants are placed on a work site based on 1-on-1 assessments that identify job skills, interests and barriers to employment. Each work site should provide a job description so that work site monitors are able to provide support and with the help of the employers, evaluate the participants attendance, work performance, initiative, problem solving, communication, cooperation and ability to change and make decisions independently.

Clark County Department of Job and Family Services does require a fixed amount of monthly hours each participant is required to meet. OIC’s W.E.P. Monitors will assist the work site to establish schedules and encourage participants to complete all monthly hours. As skills are acquired, participants are encouraged to enter OIC’s TEAM program or enter employment.

For more information or to become a W.E.P. site please contact:
Julia Maiolo, W.E.P. Coordinator, 937.408.2479