Employers Need SureHire

And we need them


Both independently and in conjunction with the Clark County Departent of Job and Family Services (CCDJFS), SureHire administers five programs that help you connect with the workers that you need. These programs can also save you valuable time and often money.

Employers are invited to:

Send Us Your Job Listings for fast and accurate recruitment.

Or make use of one of our existing Placement Programs:

Training, Evaluation and Mentoring (TEAM) Program develops the quality workers you need.

Work Experience Program (WEP) Program provides reduced cost to you while helping workers learn.

High School Students Program (CEYA) providing entry-level workers who are young, energetic and trainable.

Re-Entry Program (OND) provides hard-working and stringently screened ex-offenders, willing to work hard for an employer who will give them a chance.

Or call for special services:

Specialized Recruiting

Testing and Interest Profiling Services

Interviewing and Screening Services

For more information about these services, contact SureHire's Placement Coordinator, Angela Maroney, at 937-323-6464, or click on the links to the left.